Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Rin' Sakitama

- The Dawn of Kitsch -

A greeting to you, gifted one, you who want to attain sincerity in your work. You are a stranger to your time, but do not loose heart! I know Art feels unpleasant to you; you have become a slave beneath an aristocracy of incompetents. Art was never meant for people like you.
Art har its justification - the untalented need comfort - but so do you. You have been ashamed of your ability too long. So long as the skillful craftsman can only aspire to defeat, a great injustice is done. Know this: without you as a subjugated guarantor, the incompetence of Art becomes worthless. The money and honour obtained by artists rightfully belong to you, so take them back! Put an end to the humiliation, withdraw from Art and let it complete its fall into worthlessness.
The 19th century was the twilight of talent; take part in its dawn.
Through Kitsch the talented one can save himself. It is a new discipline in which skill finds a superstructure. A superstructure serving the genius of ability.
Do not allow Art to retain its moral authority over ability.

- A student.

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